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IRS Tax Problems

Taxes are a heavy burden that may become unmanageable as a result of interest and penalties that accrue on unpaid tax debt. Furthermore, the IRS or State may garnish your paycheck or place a lien on your property. Filing bankruptcy may enable you to wipe out your tax debt, pay back non-dischargeable tax debt without additional interest and penalties, stop garnishment, or even remove tax liens on your property.

Attorney Doug Lickert is a CPA and attorney who is uniquely qualified to help you resolve your tax problems. He has helped many business owners and individuals overcome tax debt through both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options. Mr. Lickert understands the serious nature of your case, and he will work diligently to help you obtain tax debt relief and a fresh start.

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Filing for Bankruptcy Can Eliminate Some Tax Debts

Many people mistakenly believe that tax debts cannot be eliminated by filing bankruptcy. Generally speaking, income tax debts more than three years old can be discharged, though there are many rules that restrict dischargeability of income tax debts. The tax and bankruptcy laws are highly complex and you need an experienced and trusted advocate on your side.

In a free consultation, Doug Lickert can review your situation, explain the tax and bankruptcy laws as they pertain to your case, and discuss your legal options so that you obtain maximum relief of your income tax debts.

Relieving Tax Debts Without Bankruptcy

If bankruptcy is not the right solution for you or the rules prevent the possibility of tax relief via bankruptcy, there may be other solutions. An Offer in Compromise (OIC) may reduce your income tax debts to a significant degree, even those less than three years old.

As an attorney and CPA, Doug Lickert can advise you if an Offer in Compromise or other non-bankruptcy settlement options might provide you tax relief. He will use his knowledge, skills and experience to obtain the best possible solution to your tax problem.

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