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Why File Bankruptcy?

Why File Bankruptcy? There are very good reasons to obtain legal assistance for debt problems.  Perhaps the primary reason is to obtain peace of mind.  A person may have received harassing telephone calls from debt collectors for months, grown weary of the repo man driving by the house looking for the car, or been stricken by panic because a foreclosure sale date is looming.  Filing bankruptcy may be the only option that will result in immediate and lasting relief for it can put a stop to all of those things.  For some, debt has become simply unmanageable despite one's best effort to repay it.  There is simply not sufficient income to pay living expenses and debts over a reasonable period of time.  Bankruptcy provides a fresh start whereby the debts incurred because of bad luck or even poor financial management are wiped out (discharged) and a person can again live with peace of mind and within their means.  In essence, it provides a “get out of jail free card” so that people can take care of themselves and their family and make a meaningful contribution to society without the heavy burden of debts incurred because of bad luck, bad decisions, or just bad circumstances.

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